Al Bakhera offers many choices of food products, which are characterized by high quality and selection of the best farms for production. Products include milk, cream, tuna, peeled tomatoes, and rice.


Al Bakhera parmal rice is non-Basmati, known for its rich taste and does not stick after cooking.

Available sizes : 40kg

Milk Powder

ALBAKHERAH Milk Powder- It is a wonderful, nutritious product with essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nourishment your family need for growth and strong health.

Available sizes :1800g | 2500g

Albakherah Cream

Albakherah cream is a dairy fresh product prepared from natural cow’s milk, its rich and creamy texture help you making a great recipe. Can be used for cooking, dipping and deserts.

Available sizes : 170g

Light meat Tuna

ALBAKHERAH Light Meat Tuna- solid packed in sunflowers oil which are low in calories, rich source of proteins, high in vitamins and Omega 3.

Available sizes : 95g, 185g

ALBAKHERAH- Peeled Tomato

ALBAKHERAH peeled tomatoes come from the finest farms in Italy, to guarantee a whole, ripe and red tomatoes. They can be used to make a variety of dishes.

Available sizes : 400g